The Sacred Masculine is dedicated coaching and recourses exclusively designed to empower men on their journey towards holistic well-being.

Discover your profound potential to have mental clarity, physical vitality, and meaningful relationships.

Embrace your true power and unlock a life of fulfillment and purpose by

redefining what it means to be a Man.

Who is the SACRED MASCULINE for?

Did you not have a Masculine presence in your life growing up?

Learn the way of the Sacred Masculine and transform your life from lost, frustrated, and confused to clear, confident, and unshakeable. Without a strong masculine role model, men feel unsure of how to navigate and understand their own masculinity. Your Masculine Strength lives within you, you only need to learn to unapologetically embrace your deepest truth. It's waiting for you here!

Is your relationship with women frustrating and hopeless?

Men often feel pressure to conform to modern masculine ideals, which are confusing and misguided. This makes relating to women and femininity seem impossible. Additionally, men may have limited exposure or experiences with women and femininity. The Sacred Masculine will reveal the secrets of polarity and give you tools to have absolute confidence with women.

Do you feel disconnected from your purpose in life?

The Sacred Masculine is rooted in discovering the deep truth that lives within you. Men are often discouraged from expressing vulnerability or seeking help in finding their purpose, making it harder for them to identify their passions and goals. Some men may struggle with feeling a sense of self-worth or value, making finding a sense of purpose difficult. The Sacred Masculine is a place for your purpose to be found and celebrated.

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If you relate to the examples above, or if you've ever felt lost, frustrated, or stuck in your life, you are in the right place.

The SACRED MASCULINE will turn your struggles into victories, your fears into courageous action, and your shame into the confidence of a warrior.

What is the value offered within the SACRED MASCULINE?

Take back your masculine power and be proud of who you are again!

The Sacred Masculine will dispel the lies and confusion about what true masculinity is. Create unshakable self-respect, self-worth, and self-love by empowering your masculine core. These qualities are essential for maintaining good mental and physical health and well-being and allow you to create a positive and resilient mindset.

Learn practical and effective ways to eliminate fear, anger, shame, and regret!

Too often negative emotions cripple our lives and actions. The Sacred Masculine creates a greater sense of well-being and peace of mind and equips you to handle challenges and overcome obstacles. Learn the skills to have healthy relationships, be more productive and successful in your personal and professional lives, and become who you know you're destined to be.

Discover unbeatable tools to maximize your health and fitness!

The Sacred Masculine Coaching Programs offers a transformative journey tailored to help men achieve optimal physical fitness while fostering a deeper connection to their authentic selves. Through a holistic approach that combines exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness, participants embark on a profound exploration of their masculine essence.

Learn the secrets to make your romantic relationships better than ever!

The Sacred Masculine supports men in understanding women and feminine energy, equipping them to become exceptional partners and lovers. Fix any relationship no matter how hopeless it may seem. Rooted in empathy and respect, this transformative journey fosters deep insights and emotional intelligence, empowering men to build meaningful connections with women.

Who created The Sacred Masculine?

Meet your coach Josef Hortnagl

Josef Hortnagl
is a highly knowledgeable and experienced coach who has extensively studied Masculinity, Men's Mental Health, Physical fitness/ Bodybuilding and the secrets of creating lifelong success. He is deeply committed to helping men improve their lives by improving their mental and physicals health, and achieving their personal and professional goals.

Through his coaching, Josef provides practical advice and guidance that is tailored to each individual's unique needs and circumstances. He is skilled at identifying areas of strength and weakness in his clients, using this information to help them overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential.

As an influencer, Josef uses his platform to spread awareness and promote healthy masculinity, mental health, and how to create the life of your dreams. He shares his insights and experiences with his followers, offering valuable advice and encouragement to help them navigate life's challenges and achieve their goals.

His expertise, passion, and dedication make him a highly respected figure in the coaching and influencer communities, and he is widely recognized as the authority on Sacred Masculinity

What Are Men Saying About Working With Josef?

Mike Waranch
I’ve worked with Josef for months now. He has been instrumental in helping me connect with myself, and my masculinity, which has helped me show up as a better husband and father. His ability to articulate information is ways that is easy to understand, and digest, is incomparable which makes it easy to apply in real life situations. Thank you for all of your help!

Josh Blair

Working with Josef has shifted not only how I see myself, but, how I see others. His ability to see one’s blind spots is surreal. I highly recommend having a conversation with Josef and see for yourself.

Dharshun Sharma

I got to know Josef over the last few months. He is super insightful with respect to relationships and understands both the feminine and masculine perspectives. He’s been instrumental in helping me grow my relationships with my wife and 3 daughters. Highly recommend you chat with Josef if you want long-lasting positive change!

Interested in learning how the SACRED MASCULINE Can improve your life?


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